To help Hong Kong enterprises capture the opportunities arising from the National 12th Five-Year Plan, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government set up a “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestics Sales” (the BUD Fund) of $1 billion in June 2012. To help SMEs, including start-ups, grasp economic opportunities and boost their competitiveness, and to increase the cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise for projects involving the Mainland China Market (the “Mainland Programme”).

The 2019-20 Budget proposed to further extend the scope of the Fund to include all economics with which Hong Kong had sign the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), to launch the "FTA Programme" (submuming thereunder the ASEAN Programme). Enabling enterprises to explore the new markets and new business opportunities.

BUD fund2.jpg

1.  Funding amount: The cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise

      is HK$4 Million

2.  Initial payment up to 75% of the total approved funding amount

3.  Individual expenditure items has been increased to 12

4.  Matching Funding

       Funding is provided on a matching basis

       Government will cover a maximum of 50% of the total approved

        project cost

       Enterprise has to contribute at least 50% of the total approved

        project in cash

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