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Speaker of Accounting & Finance Show HK 2019

I’m excited to be speaking at the Accounting & Finance Show HK 2019 happening on 25-26 September 2019 at HKCEC. There will be over 40 exhibitors, 100 free-to-attend sessions and 1,500 attendees.

Come and join the event to hear my session at 12:00 noon on 25 September 2019. Register now using this link:

我很高兴被邀请为2019年香港财金展的演讲嘉宾之一, 到时会有超过40个参展商, 100个免费参与的研讨会和1500位与会者参与盛事!

我的演讲会在2019年9月25日中午十二点开始, 请点击下面连结出席这次盛会!

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